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Flatcar Storage

Existing ROW Miscellaneous Flatcar End
Several flatcars are stored on the Massachusetts Central ROW

Once the main-line of the Massachusetts Central en-route to Boston or Northampton, today these tracks are little more than a storage siding, hosting a consist of flatcars in this May, 2003 view.

These tracks were abandoned by the B&M in 1980, but the track never removed; the segment just north of here, from Forrest Lake to Creamery, was abandoned in 1941. When the MCER was incorporated to operate over the Ware River tracks, it acquired the rights to this portion of the original Massachusetts Central trackage as well. The author has heard an unconfirmed report that the MCER tried to acquire rights west of Bondsville as well, linking its trackage in Ware with Northampton once again; however, the attempt evidently met with too much opposition.