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Photographic Gallery
Most of this site's early content consisted of digitally-scanned copies of my photographs. Some gallery content deserves to be retired and has been; but there are always newer additions. More details are available on the Gallery page.
I have written much over the years on being a motorcyclist. Many of these essays and diatribes are re-printed on this site's motorcycling page
Mostly of interest to members of NEDoD, this is merely a directory you can visit with your web browser. Its contents (which are likely to be rather ephemeral) will be listed automatically.
Railroads (whether literally or metaphorically) play an integral component to the theme and iconography of the Moonlit Rail ™ site.
Massachusetts Central Railroad
Of the various railroads that style Moonlit Rail ™, none contributes more imagery than the Massachusetts Central.
Slackware Linux
I have created many alterations and enhancements to Slackware's version of "GNU/Linux" over the years, some of which I have posted on this site's Slackware Linux pages, including automated scripts for downloading and building packages. Have a look for some alternative implementations.
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